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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wrote to our team recently, recounting a few of the blessings we´ve enjoyed over the past year.

...We’ve seen the Bejar church continue in its work in Guijuelo, and embark on a new adventure in Piedrahita. We’ve had the joy of hearing of the vision of the Caceres church regarding the pueblo of Arroyo de la Luz. We began a new sponsorship with Marlan and Mercedes, a couple working in a pioneer effort in Zaragoza. Juan Carlos and Tere informed us of their bold plan to challenge their church to take more initiative, and yesterday Juan Carlos told me that the Brethren Church in Zaragoza has committed to helping monthly in this effort. Kami, our first official “1 year intern” arrived in autumn, and is fully integrated into the Caceres team. 2009 saw us celebrating the largest Prayer Conference we’ve hosted to date. Jorge’s efforts allowed us to sponsor yet another organization into Spain, CRM, having set up shop in Malaga. We began planning for our 2010 Spring retreat, forming a committee with our “wider team” (or Spider-team as Craig would say!!), including Fernando of Caceres and Montse of Bejar. Finally, Kristin, Mike and DJ, and Doug and Amy have all made forward movement in their efforts to join our team in Spain. I underline these items (and there are MORE), to say that we’ve seen MUCH this year that merits celebration of the goodness of our God. In truth, Emmanuel, God IS with us! Right Now!!!

Although our team is small, and the challenge in Spain is large, we have much to be thankful for. Please praise God together with us.

Our family´s transition back to Spain has gone, in Karen´s words, “better than expected.” Megan and Carly have made friends at school, both have made progress in their studies, and our family feels “at home” in El Escorial. The first 4 months back here have served to prepare us, to a major extent, for the service opportunities ahead of us. Please pray for Karen and me as we dialogue over the next 2 weeks, intentionally planning our months ahead, organizing visits to the various ministry sites across Spain, and serving to lead our team into all that God has planned for us in 2010.

Tomorrow is the last official holiday of the Christmas season in Spain. We celebrate “King´s Day” (the 3 Wise-men visiting Bethlehem). (I have included a photo of 3 church leaders in Caceres, dressed as "the kings" for their Christmas program) Tonight there´s a parade, and tomorrow, a huge family day.

Wishing you, our friends and prayer partners, true joy as you enter 2010, continuing to remember that “Emmanuel” (God with us) is for the ENTIRE year!


P.S. For our Waterloo friends, I also included a pic of the Reimers, who visited us in late November, early December. We had a great time!


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