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Monday, January 06, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

2013 provided plenty of reasons for our family to praise God! We anticipate God’s ongoing care, blessings, and guidance in 2014! “Faithful is He who called us…”

The photos were taken this weekend, when we took Megan back to Ottawa for her studies. It was GREAT having her with us for Christmas!

The December edition of “The Mustard Seed” is online – CLICK HERE
World Team’s January Prayer Bulletin is available – CLICK HERE

What’s Happening?
Extended family concerns – my oldest and youngest brothers were involved in trucking accidents in the past week (unrelated accidents). John & Esther, driving for Essen Transport, were cut off by a car, and ended up in the ditch, but not before a LOT of damage was done. Esther fractured one of her vertebrae and has severely limited use of her right arm and leg. John was very roughed up (he was asleep in the bunk when it happened) and he also has pneumonia in the midst of this. Esther is in the hospital, awaiting the possibility of a transfer back to Winnipeg (they are in the USA). The truck may be a write-off.
In a totally unrelated incident, my brother Art, who has his own truck on at Plett Trucking, was forced off the road by another truck in Northern Ontario. Art is ok, but his truck is badly damaged - hopefully repairs can begin soon. So, John & Esther are impacted strongly health-wise, and Art is affected financially. Please pray for my family as they work through the implications of these events.
Travel Plans – I leave for Europe tomorrow (barring flight cancellations) for a week of planning meetings in the Paris area, and a week of ministry and connection with friends/team-mates in Spain. I look forward to God's leading as we consider ways to mobilize more workers into the mission fields World Team operates in. Pray for truly innovative ideas that are also highly practical, engaging the hearts and lives of Christians to reach others with the Gospel.
I also look forward to my interactions with several of our Spain Field teams over the next week. There will be opportunities to connect with several of our Spanish friends as well. It's always a treat to be able to reconnect with people you love. Pray that I'll be a blessing, both to the World Team personnel I'll see, and to our Spanish friends. May God be glorified, and may people draw nearer to Him in a way that sees churches planted throughout Spain!
Ongoing connections – After a GREAT Christmas vacation, there’s a GREAT need to reconnect with people who are at various stages of applying to serve with World Team, or preparing to leave for fields of ministry. Embarking on this trip so early in the new year makes it tough to reconnect. However, I do anticipate good connection points in efforts to mobilize more workers into the Lord's Harvest Fields!

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers! And THANK YOU for your encouragement and financial support too! I am indeed blessed to be able to serve the world-wide church through the ministry at World Team Canada!

Jacob Ginter
Mobilization & ChurchLink


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