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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Greetings from France!

I’ve been aware of God’s direction over the past week of meetings and interactions here in France. Thanks for your prayers! God is evidently working in and around us – and I trust we’ll see HIM glorified even more as a result of these days!

Photos - all taken in France. Historical note on the last photo - "Guernica"

What Happened?
- Extended family concerns – my oldest and youngest brothers (John and Esther Ginter, Art and Cheryl Ginter) were involved in trucking accidents in the past week (unrelated accidents). Please pray for those affected. Thanks for your prayers! John and Esther are back in Canada (Esther had several days in a hospital in the US). We look forward to her full recovery. Please continue to pray for Art - he has been driving a company truck while his truck is being repaired. As the vehicle that pushed him off the road was untouched, and immediately left the scene, Art will be stuck with a large "deductible" bill and a mark on his record - "single vehicle accident." This is a big hit when one has just purchased a new truck.
- Travel Plans – I leave for Europe tomorrow (barring flight cancellations) for a week of planning meetings in the Paris area, and a week of ministry and connection with friends/team-mates in Spain. My flight was one of few that left Toronto last Tuesday. The meetings were stimulating, AND I was able to connect with Canadian intern Christine Schmidt. Christine arrived in France 2.5 months ago, and is working to launch a youth group at the church plant in Méru - World Team workers David and Kathryn Lohnes are the principal church planters there. It was encouraging to hear stories of God's faithfulness to and through Christine! I travel on to Spain today.
- Ongoing connections – After a GREAT Christmas vacation, there’s a GREAT need to reconnect with people who are at various stages of applying to serve with World Team, or preparing to leave for fields of ministry. This has begun via email, and I look forward to continuing more personally upon my return to Canada

What’s Happening?
- Visit/Ministry in Spain – I will be with friends (churched and unchurched) the next 2 days, and then will serve in a variety of contexts until next Tuesday – Please pray that I’d be able to communicate grace, joy, and love to all
- America’s Area Meetings – while I’m not attending this, leaders from various World Team ministries in the Americas (USA/Suriname/Brazil/Peru(?)) are meeting during this week for fellowship, prayer, training and planning. Pamela Walford, Canadian "appointee" to Suriname is participating in these meetings.
- Mobilization Goals – we continue to work towards having at least 3-5 individuals attend one of World Team’s R.A.C.E. events in 2014. Please pray for God’s will to be done here.
Paris Prayer Conference – The World Team groups in France and Spain host a Prayer Conference annually. The Prayer Conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about church planting in Europe, hear about how God is moving in people’s lives, and provide a tangible ministry in a short time. Perhaps 2014 is your year to travel abroad to join our folks in praying – “Lord of the Harvest – send out workers!” and “Lord, bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!” – more info at Paris Prayer Conference (info on Spain’s prayer conference available soon)

Blessings as you grow to know and enjoy Jesus more in 2014!

Jacob Ginter
Mobilization & ChurchLink


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