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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear prayer partners

Here in Ontario, we’re enjoying unseasonably warm weather, along with rain. I truly am thankful for the mild weather, in this year of transition back from Spain!

As I’m in the process of mobilizing new workers for cross-cultural ministry, I am again struck with the fact that God is speaking to the hearts of many in our nation about taking the glorious Gospel of Christ to the neighbour across the street, as well as to our neighbours in the many remaining unreached people groups of the world. So, I am sincerely glad to be involved in Mobilizing Canadians Now!

What’s Been Happening
- Developing Materials – some of this has been completed, but there remains more! I genuinely struggle with this… I like being with people, the prep work is harder!

What’s Happening
- Already this week, I’ve had GREAT connections with students at 2 Bible Colleges in Ontario, with a number of strong potentials for new cross-cultural workers – I praise God for this!
- I meet with several church leaders this week in an effort to speak about ChurchLINK. Please pray for me as I interact with these people
- I’ve been invited to participate in 2 Commissioning Services for a short-term team headed for Mexico – part of the Ministry to Migrant Workers – my desire is to encourage, and to expand our relational network in efforts to see more Canadians Mobilized for long-term cross-cultural ministry

Thanks again for your prayers! May you enjoy Jesus greatly this week!


P.S. - If you know of anyone interested in teaching English in Spanish Public School for 1 or 2 years, with the added benefit of receiving mentoring and interaction with World Team missionaries... have them contact me at


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