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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi all!

Thanks for your ongoing prayers! This cold virus is still lingering, moving from family member to family member. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

3 items this week…
1. Karen is running an MBTI Session (for clarification CLICK HERE) with our team in Cáceres (5 people) this weekend. The sesion will consist of giving the team info on what the MBTI personality preferences are all about, going through each team members personality preferences, and then offering followup on the findings. Karen and I have found this instrument very valuable in our marriage relationship. We trust this will also prove valuable for our team in Cáceres. Prayer? Travel time, clarity in teaching, understanding on behalf of the team, enriched understanding of self by each team member, increased synergy as a result of it all! Thanks for praying!
2. I´ve posted an EXCELLENT article on praise to our website… worth a read! CLICK HERE to read the article. (please ask permission before posting this article to any other website)
3. Just a reminder to consider attending our 2010 Prayer Conference in Spain. The Madrid focus will be on reaching the Youth in Spain. CLICK HERE for more info.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership!



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