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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter beauty surrounded us with a heavy snowfall in Guelph this week!

Dear Praying Friends

“Let us not grow weary in doing good!” When we pray, we do good! When we pray, we acknowledge our agreement with Jesus, “Without [Jesus] you can do nothing.” So let me encourage you to keep praying. Pray about those things in life that you have little or no control over. Pray that God’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Pray that you might be strengthened to love others – even as you love yourself. Pray – it makes a difference!

What’s Been Happening?
- Follow up correspondence – Over the next weeks, I’ll be corresponding (email, phone, mail) with individuals I’ve contacted. This has gone quite well! My email correspondence has been brisk, and a few phone calls have led to further meetings planned. I’m encouraged!
- Connecting with individuals in Ontario – While I’ve connected with some people here already, I have a number of people to follow up with – pray for a good use of my time and resources in pursuing these relationships – This too has gone quite well. It’s been a little more hit and miss… what with the admin work to do, but I’ve had some great conversations, and have seen some forward movement!
- Preparation for upcoming events – During my time in Manitoba, I made tentative arrangements to provide teaching/planning regarding Missions in several churches – pray that my preparation will line up with what God has in mind for these groups! – The prep for this has been ramped up… while I’ve begun preparing some items with good time to work on them, see below for some immediate follow up…

What’s Happening?
- Travel – back to Manitoba… I leave for Winnipeg early tomorrow morning, and have my first session of Best Practices in Church Missions with a church in Winnipeg. I’m almost prepared! This time in Manitoba also affords me the opportunity to interact with church leaders at a Steinbach Bible College's Leadership Conference 2013. I'll be setting up a display there, and attending the sessions too! The balance of my time in Manitoba allows me to interact with potential WTC workers. Lastly, I'm here at the right time to celebrate my dad's 85th birthday!
- Internships – Paul Muzzin is excited that we have 2 interns accepted to serve in France this summer. Please pray for Caroline (Kitchener) and Jermaine (Toronto) as they begin to make preparations for this learning, serving, and growing time!
- University stuff… Megan had her info night with University of Ottawa yesterday. So far she’s been accepted to U of Ottawa, U of Guelph, and U of Waterloo. Still waiting on the response from U of Toronto, and then it’s decision time! I'm pleased to see her working through this process, and look forward to seeing what God has in store for her!
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I’ll sign off with a challenge on prayer from Oswald Chambers…

“The secret of our inefficiency for God is that we do not believe what He tells us about prayer. Prayer is not rational but Redemptive. Little books of prayer are full of ‘buts.’ The New Testament says that God will answer prayer every time. The point is not—‘will you believe?’ but ‘will I, who know Jesus Christ, believe on your behalf?’ (see 1 John 5:14–16).”
– Oswald Chambers, from Run Today’s Race

Many blessings!
Jacob Ginter
Mobilization & ChurchLink


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