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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi all!

Thanks for your prayers! Already it’s been a full week. This weekend provided me with extra joy through involvement in a wood-working project with Monte Hardy, Karen’s brother in law. It was fun to just work with my hands, in the context of a friendly relationship. God’s blessings are manifold!

What Happened?
- Follow up with churches… this is ongoing – and is going well!

- Intern work – dates are coming together, and all 3 interns are diligently raising the support needed

- Financial support – I was able to connect with several people last week regarding our support needs. I will be speaking to more… please continue to pray that I would be bold, and that I'd speak tactfully. The support we're needing to raise signficantly impacts the ministry opportunities I can take advantage of. So much of my ongoing communication happens via phone and email. But, in many cases, face-to-face meetings are necessary to start meaningful relationships with individuals considering cross-cultural ministry. So, as I speak to people about support (and continue to THANK those that have supported us so faithfully for so long!), I want to be able to convey the urgency and the vision that motivates me - and also speak respectfully, not demandingly. After all, it is God that provides for all our needs!

What’s Happening?
- Meeting with Hispanic leaders in the GTA today (Feb 28)

- Innovative Chapel speaking @ Heritage Bible College - I am looking forward to this! Paul Muzzin and I are working together to deliver an interactive message to the students at Heritage. I'll be sharing a devotional on prayer. During the time I'm sharing, Paul - via the PowerPoint - is soliciting feedback/questions from the students - to be sent to him via text message. Ok, we're not the first to do this, but this is a first for us! I'll be cutting the devotional short, thus allowing time to respond to several questions, and then we'll be inviting students to continue the dialogue online. I'll let you know how it goes!

- On a personal level - Karen, Carly and I look forward to taking in a concert featuring the music of John Williams... should be good!

Thanks again for your faithful prayers. God’s goodness continues to shine through to us, causing us to praise Him as we enjoy the fact that His Love Endures Forever!!!


P.S. I am praying - "Lord of the Harvest, send more workers to World Team Canada!" Is there someone you know that I should be talking to about cross-cultural ministry?


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