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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dear Praying Friends

NOTE: SPARK info is at the end of this entry...

Thanks again for your prayers! God answers prayers, and when we approach His throne of grace with boldness, we receive mercy, and find grace to help us at the proper time! He is SO good to us!

A new edition of The Mustard Seed is now available – click The Mustard Seed to read. There's also a second document, a Photo Gallery - from 2010 (it's larger - will take a few seconds to load), that you might want to see.

What Happened?
- I met with Hispanic leaders in the GTA last week, receiving a presentation by The Multiplication Network. Connecting with these leaders is important. With over 250,000 Hispanics in the GTA, I understand they represent around 150 churches! God is building His church!
- Innovative Chapel speaking @ Heritage Bible College – Paul and I really enjoyed ministering together at Heritage last week, and had excellent follow up conversations. Prayer was the topic.

What’s Happening?
- SPARK Missions Weekend - Paul Muzzin and I conduct the 4th training session tomorrow at Emmanuel Bible College
- ChurchLINK presentation – I have arranged to present WT’s emphasis on raising up Church Based Teams with a leader of one of Toronto’s most mission’s minded churches this week… and am arranging several more presentations with other church leaders. Pray that God leads us to collaborate where He best sees fit.
- Ongoing connections with individuals interested in cross-cultural ministry – pray that as I relate to these people, God will direct, guide, and make fruitful our conversations.

The SPARK Missions Weekend Experience provides an opportunity for 6 College students to enter a discovery process - learning about M background New Canadians (their culture, their beliefs, their aspirations, their experience as new Canadians), as well as seeking God's will as to the possibility of His calling them to long-term cross-cultural ministry. The training sessions include a clear understanding of who World Team is, and how we operate, forming team - serving in a variety of roles on team, choosing leadership, serving one another, learning about the WT church planting continuum, and a strong prayer emphasis.
This weekend also affords one of our cross-cultural workers the opportunity to expose more of his new friends to Canadian Christ-followers, as well as challenging Canadians to engage the increasing number of new immigrants to Canada on the topic of faith.

Thanks again for praying! It’s an encouragement to me just to prepare this email, knowing that many read and pray!



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