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Monday, March 08, 2010

Hi all

Thanks for your ongoing prayers! We are so blessed!

These pics were taken in Navalmoral de la Mata. Our friends Oscar and Maria, and their adopted son Wahid, are involved in social work amongst Morroccan immigrants there. We sometimes use their home for meetings (kind of central for us all) and then invite them out to lunch. We always enjoy our time with these exuberant servants!

Planning... Spring Retreat & Prayer Conference
I (Jacob) form part of the planning committees for both the Spring Retreat and our Annual Prayer Conference this year. Both events will be unique this year, as weīve included people outside our "World Team" team in the planning process. Please pray that this would ALL be to Godīs glory and our joy! Itīs quite exciting to see the new perspectives and input!

Seeing God "on the move" in Spain
One of the clear benefits I enjoy right now in Spain entails involvement in a variety of ministry sites. Each local area may notice a thing or two "happening," but I get to see the panoramic view. And there are signs of life! A dear friend of a team-mate embraced Christ recently. Another man saw his need for salvation and is now being discipled. An 80 year old friend joined a discipleship group, along with a 20 and 22 year old. One church is making clear steps towards autonomy (becoming able to sustain viability without undue dependence on "external support.") While I have to confess that recent events in my personal life make it easier to "see" these things, I still contend that God IS building His church in Spain, and the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it! One day EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD! Thatīs a promise! And I accept (believe) that promise. Pray that we'll believe that promise even when these visible signs are not abundant, and that we'll look to that promise regardless of our levels of energy.

Short Term Team
World Team Canada relates to a group of vibrant churches in the Toronto area, mainly made up of people of Philippine background. This community of believers desires to send a team of 12 people to serve in Spain this summer. Please pray for us as we organize this event, seeking to line up something that will capitalize their gifts and service in a way that maximizes benefit for the formation of reproducing communities of believers in Spain.

Thanks for praying!!!

We are loved, infinitely, and graced… beyond any human imagination possible. Don’t you just love God?


P.S. 2010 Prayer Conference - May 29 - June 5


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