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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dear Praying Friends

Thank you for your ongoing prayers! I’ve been learning more about prayer in the past week as I prepare for a devotional, and just wanted to express my thanks for your participation in reaching the nations for Christ through prayer!

What’s been Happening?
- P2C+ - Power to Change event in Toronto – we interacted with Power to Change staff and students in their annual conference (Dec 28-30)
- MissionFest Vancouver – we interacted with numerous individuals exploring their “next steps” in missions (Jan 29-31)
- MissionFest Manitoba – I served with several volunteers in representing World Team at this missions event (Feb 5-7)

What’s Happening?
- Finalizing departure for Pamela Walford – leaving for Suriname on Friday, March 18! Pamela went through a long process to get to this point. There have been hiccups along the way, but God has provided the funding necessary, and her church, Winnipeg E-Free is celebrating her "send off" this coming Sunday! Praise God with me as we see this "worker, sent into the fields of harvest" in Suriname!!!
- Missions Week at Emmanuel Bible College – panel discussion on ethics in a cross-cultural setting, evening with college men - PRAYER
- Preparing for R.A.C.E. – devotional preparation and a seminar on “community”
- R.A.C.E. participation – March 12-19 – ONE Canadian couple is joining us

Thanks again for your prayers! Our glorious Father hears our prayers, and is glorified as we express our dependence on HIM to carry on the work of HIS mission!



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