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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Friends

We’ve embarked on a trip into the Southern USA, visiting old friends and meeting new ones. While the beginning of the journey challenged my driving skills, it’s already been worth our while to spend this time traveling!

Executive Brief
Meeting former and current team-mates in Knoxville – a great time to catch up with friends and meet new friends

Potential new team-mates – our team in Spain is praying and deliberating this week after a field visit by a new couple

Meeting former and current team-mates in Knoxville
Our trip south started off with some difficult weather. We experienced some brief setbacks with car trouble, but really felt God’s care even there. If you want more on that amazing story, feel free to ask! Megan and Carly were SO excited to see Alicia Goodman, daughter to Charlie and Sharon Goodman, our former team-mates in Spain! On Sunday we attended the Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN. There we bumped into Mark and Janet Cockrum, current team-mates who were at the Cedar Springs mission’s conference. It was so good to catch up with Charlie and Sharon, and the girls have thoroughly enjoyed their time with Alicia! Our interactions with Mark and Janet, although brief, were also very good. Besides these opportunities, we met some new friends through a time at the Goodman’s home Sunday afternoon, and spent time with people we’d met in Spain Sunday and Monday night. We even had a chance to see Mary McNamee, whose parents live just 10 minutes from our home in Spain! Jim and Barbara serve in Spain with Young Life.

Tomorrow we travel on to Atlanta, meeting supporters and friends, and then on Thursday continue on to Birmingham, AL. Please continue to pray for travel safety, and for our interactions with friends, potential team-mates and supporters.

Potential new Team-Mates
A few weeks back you prayed for a couple visiting the Spain field as part of the process of seeking God’s direction in ministry placement. The field visit went very well for everyone. Please continue to pray for this couple, and for our team as we all consider the possibility of working together.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! God is SO good, whether we “feel” that goodness each day or not. His love endures forever. His graciousness is unending. His truth never fails. He WILL be glorified throughout ALL the earth!!!

In Christ


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