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Monday, March 31, 2008

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Isn’t it great that we can walk in grace and peace, because of what our Great God has done? Let’s rejoice!

Executive Brief
Rejoicing in Guijuelo (Guee-ho/wey-lo) – People interested in Bible study!
Health concerns – Jacob's father in hospital
Organizing – Preparations for trip to Spain
Relational Dynamics – Thanks for praying! We are seeing God at work!
Leadership Resource - See Leading With A Limp Scroll down to check out some comments and an excerpt on this excellent leadership resource!

Rejoicing in Guijuelo (Guee-ho/wey-lo)
Craig Cook, our team-mate in Western Spain writes, “We had three brand new people in the meeting (an evangelistic Bible study) in Guijuelo, and one new person who attended two weeks ago was back! Their names are Juani, Cristina, Jesiana y Natalia. Thanks for praying, and let's keep praying.” I’m excited about this new reproductive outreach! Please join me in praising God for this, and in praying for more good news like this!

Health concerns
We just received word that Jacob's father, Cornelius Ginter, was admitted to the hospital with some health complications. It all seems to be relatively minor, but we'd appreciate your prayers.

Organizing – Preparations for trip to Spain
Ok, here’s what’s making it all so hectic. I travel to Spain April 7-22, to participate in our European leadership meetings and in our Spain Team Spring Field Conference. I’m not as organized yet as I’d like to be! Please pray for diligence, a good memory for details, and clear priority setting in this regard.

Relational Dynamics
This is an ongoing prayer request as Karen and I interact with each other and some good friends. Just this morning in a “learning community” session I received some excellent insight into my personal leadership styles that influence ALL my relationships. How I praise God for His patience, His persistence, and His joyful involvement in the details of our lives!

Thanks again for praying! God is good, and His amazing love endures forever!



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