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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Praying Friends

Thank you for your prayers! God is so good, and so gracious to us!

What’s been happening…
Spain Field Retreat – we met for the weekend (March 25-27) with our World Team co-workers, as well as our I.C.E. partners… a great time of learning, fellowship and encouragement. Neil Rees challenged us to care for one another as God's Servants. Our family felt loved as people gave words of encouragement regarding our upcoming departure and then prayed for us. 3 of our partnering couples joined us for the retreat, along with other church members and friends. It was GREAT!

Visiting friends in Poland – Karen and I spent 4 full days in Warsaw with Adam and Esther Hamer (Noah & Naomi too!) The visit was a great history lesson. We simply did not know much of what happened there in the past 70 years. We both came away with a strong appreciation for the Polish people and culture. Of course, we can't forget that we had barrels of laughs with the Hamers! Anybody know what a "snaisl" is?

Transitional activities – we have begun meeting with friends, saying good-bye, and working through the many “to do” items as we prepare to return to Canada. At times, it seems like we'll never be ready in time!

What’s coming up…
Holy Week in Spain – beginning this Friday, Megan and Carly have a week off school… and many people in Spain will make preparations for “holy week” leading up to Easter. Pray that we have meaningful conversations about Easter with friends and neighbours.

Mobilization Workshop – our team will meet next Tuesday for a workshop on mobilization, hosted by Susan Best of World Team Global. This is an important preparatory activity, as a large portion of our team will be in North America this summer. Please pray for us (especially Jacob) as we consider our part in this. My responsibilities with World Team Canada will focus heavily on mobilization (recruitment of new missionaries and church based teams of missionaries).

Visiting friends and churches – in the coming days and weeks, Karen & I hope to connect with a number of people in order to say “good-bye” – I’m working this week to organize final church visits as well. "Holy Week" promises to be full!

Thanks for your prayers! I’m so grateful for the people that have warned us that transitions like we’re going through are not easy, and that there will be good days and bad days… it’s good to remember, especially on the not so good days! Yet, through it all, we are seeing God’s hand at work, shaping us more into His image!



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