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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grace to you, and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! (Paul)

I am rejoicing in seeing the good hand of God moving in our situations in Europe! You are invited to pray and praise with us as we celebrate the forward movement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of His servants!

Executive Brief
WT European Leadership meetings – insightful learning, warm fellowship, and diligently seeking God’s guidance
God’s hand at work in Spain – Praise God for His beautiful work in Fernando – Pastor in Western Spain
Travel – Karen, Megan and Carly travel to Spain – leaving Toronto Wednesday evening
Spain Team Spring Retreat – our team meets to celebrate progress and grow towards the future this weekend

WT European Leadership meetings
A number of WT Europe leaders met last weekend to learn more about organizational lifecycles and the art of transitioning our people through change. We also discussed the need for new European area leadership, as our Area Director, David Riddell, has accepted the position of International Director for World Team. Each candidate nominated to this position expressed concerns about immediate transition. Please pray for David and his area leadership team, along with the 3 candidates as we all seek to discern God’s will.

God’s hand at work in Spain
Tim Tjernagel enthusiastically shared with me that Fernando, a pastor in the Cáceres church in Western Spain, is really “hitting stride” in his leadership and preaching capacities. Evidently the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ is empowering this humble servant to boldly step out to guide his congregation and lead them in seeing the glory of our Lord! Please praise God together with me, and continue to pray for leaders in Spain as they wrestle to implement Gospel values and to lead their people to see Christ’s glory extended throughout Spain and beyond!

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 16), Karen and the girls leave Toronto to join me in Spain for our Spring retreat. Due to our extended stay in Canada, we had to purchase 2 round trip tickets, which allowed Karen and the girls to reconnect with Spain briefly with little extra drain on our budget. I praise God for this special gift to our family. Megan especially has longed to visit Spain and see her friends for months already. Please pray for my beauties as they pack, organize and transition!

Spain Team Spring Retreat
April 18-20 the Spain field of World Team missionaries meets to celebrate God’s blessing on our efforts over the past year, and to work towards better harmony and better usage of our gifts and abilities in the founding of reproducing communities of believers in Spain. Troy Cady (Christian Associates International worker and pastor of Oasis Madrid) will lead our team through team-building exercises. This weekend is always a highlight for the entire team.

Thanks! Thanks so much for praying! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Thanks for your love and for the blessing we experience because of your participation in the effort to share with others the joy in Christ we so richly enjoy!



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