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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Praying Friends

Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus! He created us, saved us, and continues to work to align us with the original intention of our creation! What an amazing, loving, and patient God we serve.

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What Happened?
- Manitoba trip (March) – speaking in churches, connecting with supporters and family, fund-raiser, and mobilization efforts. Connecting with people is what I love most about my role with World Team. My time spent with World Team appointees (Richard Salas - Cuba ministries, Pamela Walford - Suriname) was so encouraging. Pamela is praying for $800+/month to come in before the end of April in order to begin her Visa application process. Richard is planning his first ministry trip under World Team to Cuba for late May. It's so encouraging to see these efforts underway!
- Manitoba Dessert Night Fund-Raiser – PRAISE – over $3500 raised! The turnout was good (49), and the amount raised was so encouraging! God continues to supply ALL our needs according to HIS riches in glory!
- New application processes began – one couple from Manitoba, a young man from Ontario (more below)
- Lima trip preparations for participants are complete – face-to-face and Skype meetings were meaningful. There is a growing sense of anticipation as we look to see what God has in store for us in the outworking of this initiative. Pray with me that God would be glorified as we take steps towards landing a church planting team in Lima shortly.

What’s Happening?
- Finalizing Logistics Preparations for Trip to Lima – one outstanding appointment to confirm – pray that Miguel will be available as he plans. Miguel works with the Chinese in Lima, and his participation with us would assist greatly in us coming away with a clear picture of what God is currently doing amongst the Chinese in Lima, and what He is challenging us to undertake.
- Processing Applications for service with World Team – I meet weekly with the couple by Skype, processing their applications, researching ministry options, and connecting the dots. 
- Inviting people to RACE – 4 individuals (2 singles, 1 couple) are being invited to July’s RACE. This is the largest group we've had attending RACE from the WTC office during my time in this position. I'm so grateful for the people God is bringing our way. There are still many who have NEVER heard the glorious Gospel of Jesus, and our efforts are meant to address that - to the extent we are able/called to.
- Preparations for teaching – Disciple-Making (I am experiencing so much joy as I grow in this area). I've enjoyed growing through the discipling efforts of Albert Ehmann (World Team member) and now through the books and teachings of Edmund Chan. More and more I am convinced that Jesus means for ALL of His people to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ - aligning US with HIS will - for our very best interests, and for the glory of His name. There is NO God like Yahweh. Hands down.

Thank you for supporting the ministry of mobilizing workers for World Team through prayer. May you grow in your joy of Jesus even as you bring these petitions before Him!



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