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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear Praying Friends

Thanks for continuing to hold us before the throne of grace! He is so faithful, and we rejoice to know that His love endures forever!

This week's photos - the Ehmanns visited WTC offices, and documenting our (Megan and me) trip to Ottawa to check out the university.

What Happened?
- Organizing Spain Internship – a young woman from Manitoba will fulfill a 3 month internship in Spain this fall – preparation is in process This process will continue until September. Right now we are procuring housing, and finalizing the job description
- New York City Equip Training – I’ve been invited to share at Emmanuel Bible College (Intercultural studies class) about this exciting and innovative opportunity (Friday)This went VERY well, with some great conversations coming out of the presentation. I pray that God raise up a team of workers to participate in this Equip Training, and replicate it in Toronto!
- Carly’s birthday – this Thursday, April 11, our Carly turns 16! Yikes! Good food, good fun, and now Carly's 16!
- Trip to Ottawa – Megan and I travel to Ottawa Friday afternoon for a Saturday tour of the University of Ottawa campus – currently one of Megan’s top 2 choices Megan has decided to attend U of Ottawa! Thanks for your prayers. Now we'll be tracking her through this next phase of education!

What’s Happening?
- Interviewing our mobilization team potential – tomorrow at 2pm EST
- Tracking with our R.A.C.E. (Reciprocal Agency and Candidate Evaluation) potentials – ongoing!
- Developing further processes/protocols and activities to increase the effectiveness of our mobilization team
- We received notice yesterday that a former neighbour of mine (Dan & Trish Friesen - Dan was my neighbour in the Landmark area) lost their 20 year daughter Miranda in a fatal car crash April 15. Our condolences to all who knew Miranda. Please pray with us for this grieving family.

Thanks for your prayers. Please remember, even when I ask you to pray for what may seem like administrative items – each item is done in the context of relationship. Relationship is at the heart of Christianity, therefore at the heart of anything related to the propagation of the Gospel (including mobilization!). Remember to think about the relationships involved in, and related to, each task/project I participate in. One good biblical prayer is – “That they [the mobilizers/Christians/candidates] may be ONE even as [Jesus] and the Father are one.”


Jacob Ginter
Mobilization & ChurchLink


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