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Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a quick note to let you know of some wonderful things God is doing in Spain!

What’s Happened
- Gospel workers are being sent out from Spain! Marcelino Ceballo & Eliana Scognamillo a family from the Cáceres church are preparing to serve with Wycliffe through Aviation. Please pray with us as we help them raise their support in order to move forward on this project. Marcelino hopes to study Aviation Mechanics in Michigan for one year prior to their deployment to one of the JAARS service centers.

- Saying “Good-bye” – Megan, Carly and Jacob traveled to Badajoz for a final visit with the Lizardo family. It’s been such a blessing to know and work with people like the Lizardos. Please continue to pray for them as the work to establish a new community of believers in Alburquerque.

- There are responses to the Gospel in Western Spain! Craig and Ada Cook are seeing God answer prayer as people lean into the Gospel. A recent event, “Project Mark,” where a group of people memorized the book of Mark and acted it out for an audience, was an excellent opportunity to expose friends to the Gospel. Craig & Ada are now following up with some of these people. May God bring more people to himself throughout Spain and the world!

What’s Coming Up…
- Mobilization Workshop… Jacob will meet with teammates to prepare for more effective mobilization this summer. Susan Best, World Team Global, provides us with this training in order to see more workers mobilized for the extension of God’s kingdom through the world. If you’ve wondered how you could be involved in this venture, check out the opportunities posted on World Team’s site World Team - Going

Thanks again for your prayers! We rejoice in knowing that God continues to walk with us as we serve here, and prepare to serve in the World Team Canada office.

Jacob & Karen Ginter

P.S. Some of the photos were taken in Béjar, Western Spain… they have a beautiful walk by the river, formerly only accessible to factory workers in the textile industry… Béjar’s glorious past.


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