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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks for praying!

Conscious dependence on God is a good thing. We´re all totally dependent anyway! Conscious dependence lets us celebrate that, enjoy that, and praise God for that.

NOTE - Spring 2010 edition of Mustard Seed (our quarterly newsletter) now available @ Mustard Seed

Carly is now 13 years old!!!! Trust you´ll enjoy some of the photos we took on her birthday!

Bible Study Methods Course
My last session of this course in Calatayud went well, with 4 participants, and 2 observer/participants. I like to invite others from our church in Las Rozas to join me on these trips. This allows for community, discipleship, and makes the day really enjoyable!

Spain Team Spring Retreat
Our Spring retreat was well attended by representatives of the 8 various ministry sites we now participate in around Spain. Our focus - Evangelism. 4 (four) church groups presented on various outreach concepts, and then we dialogued on how these could be applied to each situation. The interaction was encouraging, and I believe we were all challenged to live and share the Gospel in our local contexts. Pray that we´d be bold in doing so!

Following Up on the Retreat...
Pray for wisdom and effective follow through on our group’s evangelistic focus. We genuinely desire good ideas to result in concrete actions that foment reproducing communities of believers in Spain.

Upcoming Events
Please pray for us as we prepare for upcoming events, such as the WT Europe Intern Orientation (May 24-28) - Karen will teach 2 sessions here, and the Spain Team Prayer Conference (May 29-June 05)

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers. This week I had the opportunity to speak to a retired lady out of Saskatchewan who told me that she and her church prayer group pray for us regularly. What an encouragement!



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