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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dear Praying Friends

As I reflect on Jesus’ words regarding the simplicity of the faith of children, it seems that prayer has more to do with an expression of our dependence on God, and a patience belief/hope that coming to HIM with these items is more important than slogging through them on our own. I desire a deeper dependence on HIM.

What Happened?
- Finalizing Logistics Preparations for Trip to Lima – pray that Miguel will be available as he plans (please continue to pray for Miguel’s plans – I really see the value of his involvement)
- Processing Applications for service with World Team – ongoing – hoping to tie this off by May 01
- Inviting people to RACE – 4 individuals (2 singles, 1 couple) are being invited to July’s RACE – deliberations are underway. One individual may need to reconsider for another time - please pray as I assist him through this decision
- Preparations for teaching – Disciple-Making (I am experiencing so much joy as I grow in this area) - ongoing

What’s Happening?
- Megan is moving home – I travel to Ottawa Wednesday night for a return with Megan and her “stuff” on Thursday. Please pray for our family as we reintegrate her into our lives on a daily basis 
- Megan – job search. Megan’s reason for moving is related to her job needs. It appears she has a job in Guelph.
- Ongoing prayer and preparation for the upcoming trip to Lima. I have really seen God's hand in so many ways regarding this venture. Let me tell you one story...

Meeting Keith Lee
At the suggestion of another agency representative, I participated in Toronto’s first ever “Chinese Mission Fair” in June, 2014. I met a number of great people at this event. As a matter of course, in the follow up after the event, I contacted Keith Lee of Gospel Operation International (GO INTL) to learn more about working with Chinese churches in the GTA. As part of the conversation, I shared with him our (World Team) vision to take Chinese pastors from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to Lima, in order to stimulate a church planting effort amongst the Chinese in Lima. His eyes widened as I spoke. “Jacob,” he said, “GO has HAD a team in Lima, but no longer has anyone there. We would really like to see a church planting effort started there again.”

As a result of that conversation, Keith and I traveled to Lima in October to confirm the need for more church planting efforts to take place amongst the Chinese of Lima. With over 150,000 Chinese there, and only 2 churches currently in operation, the need surely exists!

At this point, World Team and GO INTL are working forward in a loose partnership to expose Canadian Chinese church leaders to the opportunity in Lima. What does that look like? In May I am taking a group of pastors for a Research Trip, and in August Keith is taking a group of pastors for another similar trip. The partnership develops organically as we see God leading us forward.

For me, meeting Keith, seeing our common vision, and then beginning a process of working together has been strong evidence of God's hand in this venture.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers!



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