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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“I thank my God for you always…” (Paul)

Thank you for reading these emails! Thank you for praying. Thank you for responding with questions as you feel led. Thank you for being part of the team! We are truly blessed to know you and know that you are with us in this journey of walking with God and seeking to glorify Him in helping to establish reproducing churches in Spain!

Executive Brief
Spain Team Retreat – a fabulous time of learning, growing, and “coming together” as a team
Enjoying a taste of Spain – the privilege of visiting Spain for this retreat has genuinely blessed our family

Spain Team Retreat
Our team met for a time of “team-building” this past weekend. Troy Cady led us through a number of exercises that resulted in greater cohesion, understanding, and vision. Mark presented a clear plan to better navigate our current vision document. Tim exhibited awesome leadership skills. Craig and Ada glowed with joy as they shared about the advancement in Guijuelo. Jorge and Elizabeth blessed us with insight and openness as they gave feedback on the process. Paula cheered us all on! Janet served the team through a variety of practical ways (thanks for having the snack table and COFFEE ready to go!) Betsy blessed us with her genuine friendship, her attention to detail, and her willingness to head up several task forces. Karen and I shared our hearts, and Karen especially pointed us to greater “teaming” and “community.” In short, we experienced God, enjoyed community, and left the retreat with clear action steps to work on a common project in a way that celebrates the gifts and input of each team member. It was awesome!

Enjoying a taste of Spain
Karen, Megan and Carly joined me for this opportunity in Spain. Megan has really enjoyed touching base with her friends here. Both Megan and Carly gave themselves wholeheartedly to interaction with our team-mates’ children over the weekend. Karen’s part in the retreat was invaluable, and her presence was good for me!! Sunday night we spent the evening chatting with Dani and Jessica, and Luis Miguel, some dear friends of ours. Monday night found us catching up with friends from the girls' school (Colegio Infanta Elena) and from our Spanish church community (Principe de Paz - Prince of Peace). God is SO good to allow us this taste of Spain in the middle of our year!

Thanks again for praying. God IS working in us, causing us to reflect His glory and grace in new and invigorating ways. We praise God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, for His intimate involvement in our lives.

In Christ the everlasting,


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