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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Praying Friends

This Sunday I was reminded of the wonder of Easter, the glory of God’s grace and mercy towards humanity. What a BEAUTIFUL God we serve!

What Happened
Mourning – Please pray for Conrad and Debra (Conrad is Jacob’s nephew) as they mourn the loss of Debra’s brother. Her brother passed away this past weekend.

Mobilization Workshop – 5 Spain Team members took part in a 1 day Mobilization Workshop. Susan Best equipped us in setting priorities for the upcoming months. I am thankful for the way in which World Team resources field members, preparing us and keeping us abreast of changes and trends that impact our ministries.

Saying Good-bye & sharing our faith – our “good-bye visits” are providing excellent opportunities to share Christ, both with believers and with those “on their way to believing…” We spent Easter Sunday with good friends, allowing us to once more communicate God's love for them, so aptly celebrated at Easter. Yesterday God gave me a wonderful time with believing friends, enjoying great food & sharing our mutual faith - encouraging each other and challenging their visiting friend to "taste & see that the Lord is good!"

What’s Happening
Field Audit – 4 members of the WT Europe Area Leadership Team are interviewing our team and others in an effort to improve the effectiveness of our church planting efforts in Spain. Detlef Gwinner (WT Europe Area Director), Jay Weaver, Paul Abeyta and Mark Robinson are in Béjar today, Cáceres tomorrow, and Madrid on Wednesday. Pray for their energy levels to hold up! Also pray that their findings would lead to more reproducing communities of believers being established in Spain.

Transitional logistics and preparations – We are organizing our big MOVE logistics, as well as planning our calendar for the upcoming summer. Wow, there's so much to do! I’m sure we'll miss something, but trust God will keep us focused on priorities. Tracking with team activities, saying Good-bye, and anticipating our life in Canada feels like a whirlwind at times.

Thanks again for your prayers.
Jacob & Karen Ginter

P.S. I've posted a few photos of "things I'll miss about Spain"


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