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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hi All!

Thanks for your prayers. Here are our top 3 items for this week. It's so good to share these with you, knowing of your prayers and encouragement!

We have purchased our flight tickets for August 31, 2009. Through a contact I (Jacob) made at MissionFest Toronto, we saved 50%, and are able to take more bags back with us (trust me, that's necessary after 2 years in Canada!) We are so thankful, for the cost savings, for the extra baggage allowance, and for the clear date to work towards!

While we're beginning to feel the excitement building regarding our transition to Spain, we are also beginning to feel the effects as we process the leaving element of this equation. Mixed emotions, sensitive feelings, and a need for serious debrief times are part of our life. We want to journey well with our girls through this process.

Our team in Spain had their Spring Retreat this past weekend. We had the privilege of interacting by phone with the whole group. Megan and Carly were really touched by that. They miss those interactions with our team-mates and their children. Please pray for our team as they continue to work together to see reproducing churches established in Spain.

Thanks again for praying!

Jacob (for the family)


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