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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

Our involvement with the Holy Land Adventure at our church this year really served to prepare my heart for clear focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Often this time of year sneaks up on me, surprises me, and I’m not as open to learning/growing through this important event in our church calendar. What a JOY to reflect on what Christ all accomplished for us, and for His Father, when He died and rose again! What a glorious message we have to share with the world!

What Happened?
- Local church activity preparation – Guelph Bible Chapel is hosting Holy Land Adventure – April 17. Karen heads up the planning for this event – Ok, so this happened AWHILE ago... But it was GREAT! We had super participation from the congregation, and a good number of visitors. Thanks for praying!
- Weekend interaction with Youth – presenting with a number of others – This went very well – I received good interest on our ministry with migrant workers in Ontario
- Ongoing preparation for trip to Manitoba – there are a number things going on… Whew… it’s been a full week+ of activities, visits, and connections here! Gratefully, all the events/connections came off well. Now it may be time for a little rest?

What’s Happening?
- Reconnecting – after a trip like I’ve had here in Manitoba, it’s important to reconnect intentionally – with my family, with our church family, and with our office staff.
- Preparation for World Team Leadership meetings – I’ve been asked to co-lead a discussion on the topic of “Delegation and Follow up” with our Area Leaders. This takes place next Wednesday
- Follow up – again, after a trip like I’ve just experienced there are a number of follow up activities. I was pleased to meet several church leaders for the first time, connect deeper with other church leaders, and expand our support network. Follow up notes/calls/activities will be important
- Catching up – after a little rest, it’ll be important to catch up on some of the ongoing responsibilities I’ve put aside during this trip. This will require some thinking on my part 

These activities, along with the great connections with amazing people spur me on to pray, “Lord of the harvest, sent out workers into your fields of harvest!”

Thanks for praying!


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