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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hi all

Thanks for praying! God answers prayer!!

What’s been Happening
Field Audit – The 4 members of WT Europe ALT (Area Leadership Team) completed a field audit for Spain Team. Praise God for safe travels, and for insightful conversations. These 4 men traveled a LOT of distance to visit our ministry sites and interview people. I am thankful for the support they've shown to our field in this effort! Please pray for solid implementation of the recommendations made by this team.

Transition work – I have been researching moving options, and wow, this is an entire new world for me! I'll need to check out a few more options, as I want to get the best prices...

What’s Happening
Continuing to say Good-bye... we are visiting friends, continuing with discipleship studies, and planning our good-bye parties. Our desire is to finish well, and tie up any loose ends. There are a few important conversations that I'm praying about. Please pray with me.

Please pray about our process to implement the Field Audit findings. During the next months our field will work to put into practice these recommendations. Please pray for wisdom and time management.

Logistics... Do you have airmiles that you'd be willing to donate to our family for the trip back to Canada? We have money saved up for this, but with the extra expense of moving, I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to donate airmiles, thus providing a less expensive option for our travel to Toronto, and freeing up our saved up resources to pay for the moving expenses. To follow up on this, please write me at

Thanks again for praying!


Photo 1: World Team members of Spain Field (minus 3 members) and 3 members of the ALT

Photo 2: World Team members of Spain Field (minus 2 members) and 2 members of the ALT


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