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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dear Praying Friends

I received the following statement from a good friend this week…
“…in essence, the theology of Discipline is captured in the profound notion that - The Holy Spirit, in accordance to the loving initiative of the Almighty, gives us a spiritual delight in the deep things of God; which fuels our spiritual discipline, thru the application of the Truth of God's Word, that we might be transformed into the likeness of Christ, to the glory of God!"

As a person who relies heavily on grace, now and always, I continue to grow in terms of personal discipline. This was so helpful for me.

What Happened?
- Megan is moving home – I travel to Ottawa Wednesday night for a return with Megan and her “stuff” on Thursday. Please pray for our family as we reintegrate her into our lives on a daily basis - Thanks for your prayers! It is good having Megan home!
- Megan – job search. Megan’s reason for moving is related to her job needs. Megan is working at Wendy’s – while this is not in line with her studies, it IS a job!!!!
- Ongoing prayer and preparation for the upcoming trip to Lima – see PREVIOUS ONLINE JOURNAL for a story related to this! ("Meeting Keith Lee") – more below
- Friends from Spain moved to Ontario! They are in the picture in this week's journal - good friends of ours from our days in Spain. David and Miriam came to Canada for 1 year to expose their children to another culture, to improve their English, and to explore job opportunities. They are currently looking for more permanent housing, and a good church. It's been fun connecting already!

What’s Happening?
- Finalizing preparations for Peru – Travel dates are May 11-19 –
A story on God’s guidance...
As part of my process in meeting Chinese pastors in the GTA I attend a Chinese Pastor’s meeting each month. We meet to discuss relevant topics as related to the development of churches in Canada. After the meetings, we go out for lunch to deepen relationships in a more informal context. These take place the first Wednesday of each month.
In November, after the meeting was finished, due to some confusion, I ended up at the wrong restaurant. I quickly called a friend, located the proper restaurant, and headed there. By the time I had arrived, all the seats with my usual group (English speakers) were taken. I was placed at a table with Cantonese speakers – who fortunately also spoke English! It was at this table, through this conversation that I met Jack Yuen, a pastor in one of the Richmond Hill churches. As I shared our vision to reach the Chinese of Lima, Jack indicated a strong interest.
We met subsequently… long story short – Jack and another church leader are joining me in Lima in May, 2015! Divine appointments! God’s guidance and direction is so clear to me through this.

- Meeting with Chinese Church Leaders – Wednesday
- Orientation for Intern for Spain – Today I assisted Paul Muzzin in preparing Karen BoeKee for her upcoming internship in Spain (please pray for Karen – In Spain May 08-July 03)
- Last minute stuff that comes up before any ministry trip 

Thanks for your ongoing prayers!



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