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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hi all

Thanks again for your partnership with us through prayer! Here are the items close to my heart this week.

Spain Team Internship Program
4 interns are now serving with Spain Team in a variety of ways. Id invite you to join in prayer, that this experience would be one of development for all involved, of seeing God clearly at work, and of revealing Gods direction for the future of these interns.

Spain Team Prayer Conference
This Saturday, Spain Team hosts its annual prayer conference. Please pray for Spain Team members, working with our interns, as final preparations are made for the conference. I am praying that God would meet our team and the conference participants in a very special way.

Preparation for July visit to Manitoba
Our family will be in Manitoba for several weeks in July. I have booked speaking engagements in 3 churches (Halbstadt Mennonite July 05, Silberfeld CMC July 12, and in Christian Faith Church (CMC) July 19). We will join the Ginter family for a weekend of camping, and will be visiting some supporters as well. Please pray that well make wise decisions in prioritizing our time.

Prayer Letter Follow Up Phone calls
As we are still short in our funding, I have sent letters out to a number of individuals, asking them to consider supporting our ministry. Please pray for me as I follow up the letters with phone calls. We want to be careful in how we approach this topic, especially during this difficult economic period.

Thanks for praying with us! We are anticipating the changes ahead! To Spain August 31!



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