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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thanks be to God, who, through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ communicates true love to all of us!

The past 2 weeks have been extremely full. I have enjoyed them tremendously. Now I´m quite tired. Although we´re experiencing a bit of a break from the hectic pace right now, we are catching up with the daily things of life (car repairs, washing machine repairs, house repairs, hmmm, seems to be a theme!). Please pray for good rest.

Megan and Carly are into their last 2 weeks of school. If they pass everything (and I have no reason to doubt this!), they will be done June 16. They´d appreciate your prayers too as they write exams.

Intern Orientation Update
Our World Team Europe Intern Orientation (6 interns for Spain, 3 interns for France, 1 discipleship opportunity for Italy) took place at the Spain Team Training Centre (or "the chalet" as we call it!). Karen and I both taught Sonship material at our intern orientation. Karen taught on forgiveness, and I taught on the need for a growing appreciation of the cross of Christ. Karen also taught on the topic of teams. Karen spent most of the week with the group. I´m so glad we could do this as a team. Tim and Paula Tjernagel (team-mates in Cáceres), along with Kami Trevillian (apprentice in Cáceres) did the bulk of the work. Other team-mates joined us to teach on various topics throughout the week.

Please continue to pray for these interns as they serve and learn over the next weeks.

Prayer Conference Update
As usual, the prayer conference week was quite busy, and completely enjoyable. The times of fellowship, prayer and sharing were wonderful. Karen, Megan and I stayed with friends in La Calzada, a village near Béjar. What a picturesque place! So, while we enjoyed fellowship with God´s children, and learned about a number of different outreach foci, we were also blessed with the beauty of God´s creation. God really met me (Jacob) personally through this past week. I continue to grow in my understanding of what it means to “do the good works that God prepared before-hand that we should walk in them.” (Eph 2.10)

Looking forward…
July 5-12 we are hosting a COOL team from the Toronto Philippine church community. I´d appreciate your prayers as I work out the details.

I continue to work on the residency paperwork for a number of individuals. There are always hitches. Please pray especially for Alex Galloway and his family… we NEED their paperwork to be completed shortly as they have a Home Assignment scheduled.

Our leadership team continues to work with a number of sensitive issues relating to conflicts and misunderstandings within our wider circle of influence. We need wisdom, boldness, and grace.

Thanks so much for praying!

We are blessed,

NOTE: Most of these photos were taken by Ryan Arch, one of this year´s interns. You´ll most likely notice which are his!!


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