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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi all

Itís encouraging having a group of people praying for us as we make our preparations, see friends, and close off different involvements here in Canada.

This week, please be in prayer forÖ

Spain Team Prayer Conference
14 participants from two churches in the USA joined Spain Team's annual prayer conference. Pray that hearts will be opened to the Gospel as a result of this conference.

Megan Ė Grade 8 Trip
Megan has the privilege, along with all the grade 8s at Westwood, to spend a week at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Please pray for a great learning experience and safety!

Death of a Friend
Diedrich Wiebe, my friend, pastor, and spiritual mentor passed away on Friday. (Diedrich Wiebe Obituary) Please pray for the family and friends he leaves behind. And praise God for the glorious home-going of one of God's friends!

Shirley Martens
Shirley will be travelling to her step-fatherís (Dick Wiebe) funeral with her son Mason (who has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome) Ė Iím including her email regarding these special circumstances, as well as a direct link to MASON'S WEBSITE.

Shirley's email...
The kids and I are flying off to Winnipeg on Wednesday, leaving from Vancouver because we can get a direct flight. I have decided to bring Mason along. leaving him behind in the care of various people or taking him along are equally stressful, so it was a difficult decision. He hasn't flown in over 7 years. Last time was to my dad's funeral and then 3 days after we got home, Mason and I flew to Detroit for tests. He was 2 1/2 then. Quite a bit smaller!

The funeral is on Thursday.

Here's a detailed prayer request:

Leave: Wednesday evening on June 17: (Return: Wednesday afternoon on June 24)
That Mason will go into the airport (noise). 4pm or so (noonish)
That Mason will go through the tunnel and onto the plane. 6pm or so (2ish)
That Mason will go down the isle to our seats.
That we will receive the bulkhead as I requested.
If we don't get the bulkhead, that the seating will work well for us and Mason won't kick the seat in front of us.
That taking off won't bother him. 6:20 (2:40 pm - 12:40 BC time)
That Mason won't react to the sound sensory issues that will be on the flight.
That Mason will be immersed in watching "Treehouse" on the flight.
That Mason, I, and the girls will enjoy the flight! We are not going to tell him he's on a plane
Landing at 11 pm in Manitoba 9 pm BC time (Landing back in Vancouver at 3:40pm)

While in Manitoba:
That Mason will sleep well.
That Mason will not react to all the busyness that will be going on at my mom's house.
That Mason won't have meltdowns because he can't have Daddy. He's a big daddy's boy right now.
They have Mosquitos. Mason screams like a little girl if something flies past him.
That Mason won't have too many seizures from all the stress and changes.
He won't be going to the funeral, I'm going to ask my sister-in-law to look after him.

There's probably more.

And to think that last Monday or Tuesday I told someone that it would be nice if our lives could have a plateau for a few weeks! I guess not..... I wonder what God is up to? Hmmmmmmmm

Thanks for praying!


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