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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi all

Grace to you, and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ! (Paul).

Don’t you just love that? Grace and peace! Wow, we need that in our daily lives! Grace to deal with all the little “issues” we face as we interact with others. Peace in the midst of constant change, chaos, and insecurity. Grace and peace… from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. My response? Thanks!

Can you guess where the photos were taken? I'll give you a clue next week!

Myths About Missions

Myth #3
Uneducated pagans are not worth the trouble.
Fact: Jesus' most comprehensive messages followed conversations with people who were insignificant as the world views accomplishment. He demonstrated every person is of value in God's sight.
(Written by Harold J. Sala)

EVERY person needs to hear, understand, and be given the opportunity to trust. There is no other thing more important for people to have. When ANYONE trusts in Christ as their Saviour, God is honored, and they are saved.

What Happened?
- Gospel Coalition Conference @ Heritage Bible College – I attended the conference in late May – I’m meeting this week for follow-up conversations with some pastors I met at the conference.

What’s Happening?
- Meeting with church leaders in the GTA area to continue discussion on WTC partnership
- Following up with individuals that have expressed interest in Cross-cultural ministry
- Praying for, following, our 3 interns in Europe – they are in Italy this week and the next. I spoke to Tim Tjernagel earlier today. He told me that the Sonship training had gone well, but that 2 of our interns (Karis and Kammy) suffered some health set-backs while in Spain. They are up and running again! In Spain they learned, and they served at a Pilgrim's Hostal along the St. James Way. 4 more weeks to go!
- Preparing for RACE – World Team Candidate Course – July 21-27 (RACE – Reciprocal Assessment and Candidate Evaluation)

Thanks again for praying! As we pray, especially in light of God’s promises in Scripture, we surely experience more of that grace and peace!



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