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Monday, June 22, 2010

Dearing Praying Friends!

Seeing friends from “way back”
We met Paul and Sandy Shattuck at the World Team Institute of Church Planting, way back in 1998! After a ministry trip to Africa, they stopped by our place for a few days. We are thankful for their roles in the lives of many people. And we enjoyed their visit, and their input into our lives. Praise God for ministering friends passing through! Our girls are always excited when someone treats them to Foster´s Hollywood restaurant!

Saying “Good-Bye” to good friends
We met Troy and Heather Cady back in 2002. They too have been true friends. God used them to encourage us so much! Troy and Heather most recently served with CAI in founding the Oasis Church in Madrid. On Sunday Troy preached his last sermon at Oasis in his pajamas! I won´t forget his emphasis - GRACE and DISCIPLESHIP! Troy´s creativity and powerful communication will be missed at Oasis! Please pray for the Cady family as they transition to a new ministry in Chicago.

Interns in week 4
Our 6 interns have passed the halfway mark! Praise God with us for the amazing learning and serving experience they had on the St James Way, a popular Catholic pilgrimage. The next 2 weeks will see them serving with the El Puente church in Cáceres. Please pray for their service there and for good closure to this overall adventure.

One last item...
Craig and Ada Cook continue to provide care for Ada´s mother. She has suffered a number of strokes, and is completely bed-ridden, basically paralyzed on one side, and in very critical health. Please pray for Rosi (the sick mother), and for Craig and Ada, and the extended family.

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers! We are thankful that we are not alone in this all!



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