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Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks for your prayers!

We’ve been so encouraged to see God at work around us. We’ve been reminded time and again this past week, as noted at Howard Shuh’s funeral, “All things work together for the good to those who love God…” His graciousness turns even difficult situations into learning and growing times. He is good, and His love endures forever!

Executive Brief

Another Funeral – Jacob’s uncle, Peter Friesen, passed away June 21, 2008 in Penticton, B.C.
School’s Out – Megan and Carly finish their school year this Thursday
Trip Preparations – The Ginter family begins the trek west (as far as Vancouver Island) on Monday, June 30

Another Funeral
We received word on Sunday that my (Jacob) mother’s oldest brother, Peter Friesen, had passed away the night of June 21/22. Mom and Dad Ginter are traveling to Penticton to pay their respects. Please pray for travel safety, and for opportunities to comfort and bless as they undertake this trip.

School’s Out! (well, almost)
Megan and Carly have their last day of school at Westwood Public School this Thursday, June 26. Please praise God with us for the great year they’ve enjoyed, the friends they’ve made, and for the way that their adaptation to the Canadian system has been so positive! They are certainly looking forward to the summer vacation, but, are also hanging onto the last days carefully, knowing that they don’t get to enjoy the summer with their friends in Guelph, due to our trip out west.

Trip Preparations
Please do pray for us as our family prepares for yet another road-trip. We plan to arrive in Manitoba in time to speak at the Silberfeld CMC Church, and then participate in Jacob’s parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary. We’ll be seeing more supporters in Manitoba, and then traveling west to visit supporters in Western Canada, with some time with Karen’s sister and family in the Vancouver area. Our prep this week includes getting the car ready, packing, and following through on the many obligations/opportunities we still have to complete in the final days of June! Pray for calm, priority setting, and joy in the middle of potential chaos. I look forward to my time of sharing at the Guelph Bible Chapel prayer meeting this Tuesday and then speaking in the service on Sunday. Our family has really enjoyed this opportunity to become part of the GBC family!

Thanks for praying for us! No doubt we’ll see a number of those who read these emails over the next 2 months! And we’re looking forward to that!



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