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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

Wow, many good things have happened since the last time I wrote you! God continues to amaze me with His grace, His timing, and His provision. He is wonderful, His love endures forever – “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy!” God is good!

Mobilization News
Peter, Naomi, Hannah, Lydia, and Jadon Gill (top photo) are awaiting their visas to be able to transition to Spain this summer! We are excited to see what God has in store as this talented and committed family begins to live out and share the Good News of Jesus, adding to the church planting efforts in the Madrid area! They hope to be in Spain for July. Please pray: 1) Visas come quickly, 2) They find suitable housing, 3) The children adjust to their new living/school situation.
Peter and Naomi have several years of church planting experience, and Naomi, a "missionary kid" (MK) who grew up in S. America is fluent in Spanish. Peter will have some more learning to do :).

The Spain Field is hosting a group of 4 interns this summer - discovering and serving in the context of missions! (see middle photo - Interns, and bottom photo - Cáceres church members)

Tim Tjernagel, our Spain Field Director writes...

"Paula and I wanted to ask you to be in prayer for our team this week as we have over 100 children and youth involved in our Basketball and English Camp. We´ve got 3 great groups of people here…1) Some basketball coaches from Kelsey TeBeest´s (our newest teammate who just arrived to Cáceres) church and state; 2) Some English teachers from Betsy Stoltzfus' (our longtime teammate) church; and 3) Some interns that our serving with us this summer from the USA and Germany.
They are doing a great job of making relationships with the kids and looking for opportunities to share their faith in meaningful ways. Please pray for spiritual sensitivity for our team, for boldness to proclaim the gospel, for opportunities for the coaches, teachers, and interns to share their faith stories, for many youth to come to know Jesus and for strength for us as this is a full week for us.

What Happened
- GREAT connection points in Alberta. Please pray with me that God would raise up a mobilizers for World Team in Alberta – World Team could find great workers there if we had the right person. During my time in Alberta, I also connected with 3 appointees... they are so excited about getting to Cameroon! Pray with me that Winona, Angeline, and Rachel will get their support together in time to get to Cameroon in early 2015! People are waiting to hear about Jesus' love through them!
- AWESOME week of soaking in the Gospel with Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada pastors & leaders. “The Way of Jesus” was our theme as we learned, dialogued, praised and prayed around the concept of making new disciples. I returned home with a strong desire to encourage and bless others – Jesus has given me so much to encourage and bless others with!
- Catching up around the house and office – after a trip there’s always plenty to catch up on – relationships, tasks, and enjoyments. It’s been good to be back 

What’s Happening
- Missions Event for Chinese Churches in Toronto – Saturday, June 28 (coming right up!)
- Organizing Fall travel and ministry schedule – this fills up fast… pray that I’ll choose the BEST over the good
- Personal and family preparation for the Oasis ministry – last week of July
- Enjoying summer weather with Karen, Megan and Carly – June has been fantastic!!!!

Thanks again for partnering with us through prayer. I’m confident we’ll see the Lord of the Harvest sending out more workers!

Jacob Ginter Mobilization Manager

World Team Canada
905.821.6300 I 800.610.9788

God Centred. People Focused


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