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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Praying Friends

Summer is officially IN at our house. Exams are over for Megan and Carly (both feel they did well!), and a friend from Spain arrived in Guelph yesterday. Just one month to GBC`s Oasis Day Camp... and Megan and Carly have been living in Canada for an entire year already!

Last week's photos... yes, taken during our tour of Europe - Holland!

This week's pics, also taken last year... a bit more obvious, wouldn't you say?

Myths About Missions

Myth #4
Missionaries interfere with native culture.
Fact: While this allegation is partially true, the flip side is that light destroys the darkness of deceptions about health, salvation, and relationships. It is untrue that misery and sickness are wonderful and superstitions are wholesome and enriching. (Harold J. Sala)

In all aspects, our ideas, thought patterns, and actions need to be evaluated in view of God's express will in Scripture. HE says that it's best for ALL to know Him. And HE calls us to make disciples of all the nations. That's because HE knows what's truly best for us, and for those we reach with the Gospel.

What Happened?
- Meeting with church leaders in the GTA area to continue discussion on WTC partnership – These initial conversations went well. Continued follow up will be needed to reach conclusions
- Following up with individuals that have expressed interest in Cross-cultural ministry – This is a process, sometimes slow, as people really are making long-term decisions that have far-reaching impact
- Praying for, following, our 3 interns in Europe – they are in Italy this week and then move on to France – Our interns return to Canada July 16 – pray for good discovery and service opportunities
- Preparing for RACE – World Team Candidate Course – July 21-27 (RACE – Reciprocal Assessment and Candidate Evaluation) – ongoing…

What’s Happening?
- Message preparation for a few speaking engagements this summer
- Ongoing Preparation for RACE – World Team Candidate Course – July 21-27 (RACE – Reciprocal Assessment and Candidate Evaluation)
- Preparation for Intern Debrief (mid-July)
- Preparation for a fund-raising banquet to take place in September
- See a theme here??? I include these items because I struggle more with preparation… I like to be with people, but in order to do that well, I have to prepare. Hence the prayer requests!

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers!



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