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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Celebrate Jesus!

I'm excited about Christmas! We've started a series of Advent Season studies in Pozuelo, and I'm so excited as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. May you enjoy peace in the midst of rush, joy in the midst of issues, and hope in a time of change and crisis this Christmas! Emmanuel: our God IS with us!

Executive Brief

THANKS! - We are grateful!
Now Available! Mustard Seed - Christmas 2005 - @
Christmas preparations - Parties and Programs with a Purpose!
Spain Prayer Conference - June 10-17 2006
Financial Concerns

We asked you to pray... (November 05)
Please pray for us as we (World Team in Spain) move along the path towards planning for the future. Pray for clarity, for wisdom, and for focus.
Continue to pray for us in this regard. We're making GOOD progress, but still have some work left!

Please Pray for us...

As I write this email, I am grateful to God for the people that stand with us. Thanks for reading the info we send out. Thanks for praying for us, our ministry, and the people of Spain. Thanks for supporting us through letters, cards, phone-calls and financial support. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Mustard Seed - Christmas Edition
Be sure to visit our website, to see the new Mustard Seed!

Christmas Preparations
Each year we host a small party for the neighbours in our apartment block. Please pray that this year's party would serve to allow us another opportunity to share the wonderful reason we celebrate Christmas! Our Bible Study group will also participate with another church in an outreach program. Please pray that some of our friends would attend this service! Pray also for Megan and Carly, participating in the Aluche church program. While this is more of an "in house" affair, it allows church members an opportunity to bring non-Christian family and friends to hear about Jesus.

Spain Prayer Conference 2006 - SEE THE SON IN SPAIN!
Our field is hosting the 2nd annual prayer conference this summer, June 10-17, 2006! For more info, check out "2nd Annual Prayer Conference" at We invite you to attend in order to learn more about Spain and its spiritual climate, needs, and opportunities. Even if YOU can't attend this event, please pray that people would respond as God stirs their hearts to participate!

Financial Concerns
We wrote a special "Supplemental" to our most recent Mustard Seed, addressing some financial concerns we are currently facing. Here's another opportunity to consider participating with us as we seek to establish reproducing churches in Spain. Again, we invite you to pray for us as we rely on God to supply through the generous gifts of others. (Please see Mustard Seed Christmas Edition 2005 @ for information on how to support our ministry)

Wow, this got a little long! Sorry! Too much to tell! Thanks again for reading, and for praying!

Merry Christmas!

Jacob, Karen, Megan and Carly Ginter


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