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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dear Praying Friends

Have you ever noticed that different seasons in life require different levels of energy? Karen and I feel as though we've entered a season that will require generous prayer support, and a personal dedication to additional prayer. Never before have we experienced so clearly that we are really in a spiritual battle, and that MUCH is at stake.

As you read through our prayer requests, we'd ask you to consider what God would have you pray for. He is sovereignly in control, regardless of the circumstances that we encounter daily. Our simple desire is to walk in step with Him, trusting that He has led us to this point and will continue to lead us, albeit maybe in directions we had not dreamed of before!

Unexpected changes in Pozuelo - God moves in mysterious ways!
New church planting initiatives - More "God-Sightings!"
2006 Prayer Conference Invite - see (click on 2nd Annual Prayer Conference for pdf file)
Mustard Seed - Winter 2006 - Now available @ (pdf file)
Thanks - We are grateful

Unexpected Changes in Pozuelo
Have you ever experienced a sense of peace in the middle of what could appear like failure? That's what seems to have happened in our local ministry in Pozuelo! Just as we prepared to launch Sunday services in a public facility literally "given" to us, the core sector of our group fell apart! While this surprise certainly calls for "course correction," we feel that God is giving us an open door to consider alternative (and exciting!) ministry options. After consulting with other missionaries and a Spanish pastor, we have decided to "halt" our activity in Pozuelo, taking a time out to seek God's purposes in these new circumstances. Your prayers are appreciated as we explore the possibilities and wait on God's timing and leading!

New Church Planting Initiatives
Even as our situation in Pozuelo seems to be winding down, God is opening up opportunities all around us. Several new church planting initiatives in the Madrid area could provide new ministry foci for our family. We will need a lot of discernment in knowing at what levels to become involved, and knowing just where to focus our energies. While we wish to be alert to all the opportunities God brings our way, we also recognize the importance of priorizing and selecting areas that best suit our gifting and fit with the other ministry activities we continue to serve in.

2006 Prayer Conference Invite
New Brochure to follow shortly! For the basic info, see and click on "2nd Annual Prayer Conference 2006." We'd LOVE to see some of our supporters get more first-hand insight into the ministry in Spain!

Mustard Seed - Winter 2006
Click on this link to read the latest edition of our prayer letter. Note especially the "God-Sightings" section. We are excited about these opportunities!

Last, but not least, I want to say "THANKS" to all of you for your faithful participation in our church planting efforts in Spain. During our entire ministry in Spain, we have experienced faithful prayer support, encouargement when we've needed it, and enough finances to meet our basic needs. Even though we've struggled at times, we are THANKFUL for the way that God has sustained us, and has allowed us to see His work unfolding in and around us. In all the requests we bring to God, we also want to extend our thanks, knowing that "without HIM we can do nothing!"

Jacob Ginter (for the family)


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