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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hi all

April looks to be a full month for our family. I just thought it would be good to let you know our schedule and ask you to pray for us as we serve here in a variety of ways.

April 5-8 - Jacob and Karen are attending a special "retreat conference" (Operation Barnabas) for missionaries in Spain on Spain's east coast. This will be a good time of rest, spiritual renewal and reflection. Please pray for safe travels (5+ hours drive each way) and for open hearts to whatever God has to tell us!

April 10-16 - World Team's Italy team has planned to use our retreat/training centre in Spain for their Spring planning and organizing retreat. Karen has offered to cook the meals and I (Jacob) will be helping with little things, as well as working with other Spain Team-mates on maintenance projects around the centre. We expect an excellent time of interaction, getting things done, and deepening relationships with our European co-workers and Spain-team members. Please pray that we'd be a blessing to this small group of servants. Pray also that in all this activity we will be adequately prepared to celebrate Easter in a meaningful way.

April 22-27 - I (Jacob) travel to Italy along with the rest of our leadership team, to attend World Team's European Leadership meetings. David Riddell, our area director, will be casting a wider vision for the European Area, and will be taking us through a time of learning in regards to "Leading through Transition." In addition to the general agenda, our leadership team (Craig Cook, Jorge Mackh, Tim Tjernagel, and I) have scheduled extra interactions with World Team leadership as we consider the concept of missionary "disengagement" from the churches we currently serve in order to promote and be involved in Church Multiplication. Please pray for strong unity, plenty of energy, and deepening of relationships as we work and pray together in preparation to serve in Europe.

Thanks again for praying for us! We are so encouraged when people mention their faithfulness in upholding us in prayer. God is continuing to work in and around us. And we are grateful for the priviledge of living out this great Gospel in this needy country!

blessings and thanksgiving,
Jacob (for the entire family!)


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