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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dear Praying Friends

Arriving at the office fully energized to take on the week points to two things… I had a GREAT relaxing Canada Day weekend, and Spain won the Euro cup!! Wow, that’s amazing!

This Week's photos come from what European country?

Myths about Missions

Myth #5:

We can't afford missions.
Fact: You cannot afford disobedience to what Jesus asked you to do. (Harold J. Sala)

There's always money to do that which we value the most. Since Jesus gave His ALL for our salvation, I want to give all that I can to make it possible for ALL to hear the glorious Gospel of Jesus!

What Happened?
- Message preparation for a few speaking engagements this summer – this is so enjoyable! The scriptural basis for missions is so invigorating to study
- Ongoing Preparation for RACE – World Team Candidate Course – July 21-27 (RACE – Reciprocal Assessment and Candidate Evaluation) - ongoing
- Preparation for Intern Debrief (mid-July) – just about done! (Paul Muzzin’s work with me on this is SO helpful!)
- Preparation for a fund-raising banquet to take place in September – the details are coming together!

What’s Happening?
- Connecting with individuals interested in cross-cultural ministry
- Organizing venue for Mobilization meetings in Fall
- Ongoing Preparation – Messages, RACE, Debrief, Banquet

Thanks again for your faithful prayers!



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