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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Praying Friends

Wow, what a lovely summer! We have enjoyed a number of meals out on the patio already. GREAT!

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Photos - I participated with the Migrant Worker Ministry in Ajax on Sunday. Great food, great soccer, and a good opportunity to interact!

The 3 interns (Kammy, Karis and Kim) arrived from France yesterday.

Myths About Missions

Myth #6:
We have people in need right here.
Fact: True, there are needs where you are, but the difference is the vast resources of help available whereas elsewhere in the world, people suffer without help. Example: 12 million children are orphaned in the Sub-Sahara because of the AIDS epidemic. (Harold J. Sala)

While we have an excellent opportunity to affect people in need all around us, there remain over 6000 people groups who have NO way of hearing the Gospel of Jesus apart from someone crossing cultural and language barriers to bring them the Good News!

What Happened?
- Connecting with individuals interested in cross-cultural ministry – though summer is quieter, a number of people are working towards their participation with World Team!
- Organizing venue for Mobilization meetings in Fall – this came together well – it looks like I may be in Spain for mobilization meetings – October
- Ongoing Preparation – Messages, RACE, Debrief, Banquet – Message went well, almost ready for RACE, Debrief is today (better be ready!), and banquet work is ongoing

What’s Happening?
- Intern Debrief – Tuesday, July 17
- World Team RACE – July 21 – 27 – I travel to Warrington PA on Friday

Thanks for praying! Truly, without HIM we can do nothing!


"Lord of the the Harvest, send out workers into your fields of harvest."


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