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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Praying Friends

In preparation for our GBC Oasis Camp, I’ve been memorizing a few verses… last week was “Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything!” (taken from Phil 4.6). What a GREAT reminder! I don’t know about you, but my natural tendency leans more towards “worry” than to “prayer.” May God’s truth continue to soak into our hearts so that HE has HIS way in our lives – which is ALWAYS the best for us!

What Happened?
1. Preparation for R.A.C.E. (Reciprocal Agency and Candidate Evaluation) – July 20-26, Warrington, PA (I’ll be there with WT USA staff, 2 Canadian Candidates and 16 US Candidates) - Well, I feel pretty prepared! The numbers have changed slightly, 3 less candidates. But, I sense our WT Staff is ready! Thanks for praying! (More below)
2. Field Vision Trip – Pamela Walford, Winnipeg, Mb, will be in Suriname this month to discern if God would have her serve there. Please pray for Pamela and the team as they seek God’s guidance in this! According to the updates I've received, Pamela is enjoying her introduction to Suriname. Please continue to pray that Pamela and the WT workers in Suriname see clearly if God would have her join that team!
3. Appointee Coaching – I currently provide coaching for our World Team Canada Appointees (accepted by World Team, currently in one of the various phases of getting to their field of ministry) – This continues. I am now responsible for a number of appointees. While I enjoy this ministry, it adds a number of "to do's" to my schedule!
4. New Blog! Check out Kristie’s Blog – written by a young woman along the path to discovering those “good works that God prepared beforehand for [her] to walk in…” (Eph 2.10) - I trust this will be ongoing... I'll keep you informed as new posts appear!

What’s Happening?
- RACE – Jacob travels to World Team USA on Friday to participate in R.A.C.E. (Reciprocal Agency and Candidate Evaluation) – July 20-26. I'll be driving to Warrington with Carmenn, one of our Candidates. He's a student at TBS. Travel dates are July 19 (down) and July 27 (return). This week is intense. There are many life-changing decisions made here - by WT personnel and by the participants. We need wisdom - LOTS of it!
- Oasis – our family will participate with the GBC Church Family in the annual GBC Oasis Camp – this year 40 sponsored children will attend! (July 29-Aug 02). This week is always a highlight of our year - for the church and for our family! At the same time, for me, coming out of RACE and straight into this is exciting, but a little draining. I also have the privilege of mentoring a new leader, a relatively new believer, this year. Pray that we'd both grow in God's grace as we serve! Karen and Megan serve in 2 different "stations" and Carly and I are group leaders.
- Upcoming Celebration – ALL are invited to attend the celebration of 25 years of Marriage – Jacob and Karen Ginter – Sunday, August 18 @ 3.30pm at the Bothwell Christian Fellowship in New Bothwell, Manitoba! In anticipation of this celebration, Megan and I plan to drive out to Manitoba (leaving Guelph on August 10) while Karen and Carly plan to fly out. So, there are a few details to cover off yet!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

Jacob Ginter
Mobilization & ChurchLink


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