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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hi all!

I trust you are enjoying the summer weather and schedules!!! Somehow these longer days seem to allow for more good family times. 

3 top photos from Men's Evening Event I participated in (throwing knives, shooting shotguns, and eating meat fried over an open fire - am I in redneck country now????)

The remaining photos are from our RACE event.

3 items…
1. We just completed our July 2014 R.A.C.E. (Candidate course event) in Warrington, PA. We had a great group come through, and we’re pleased that as a result, World Team Canada has one more appointee couple – Richard Salas and his wife Miriam! WT USA has 5 new appointees as well. Please pray for our new appointees as they go through the remaining process to get to their fields of service.

2. Next week – July 28-August 01 – our church, Guelph Bible Chapel, runs the Oasis VBS Day Camp. All four of us (Karen, Megan, Carly and I) are involved. We expect over 100 campers, 40 of them sponsored. This event provides an EXCELLENT outreach opportunity, and a FANTASTIC church-wide ministry! Please pray that our church family would grow in love and joy as we serve together, and that the children would embrace God's love and forgiveness.

3. As I’ll be at camp all of the next week – I will not be responding to emails until Tuesday, August 05. Have a GREAT week and long weekend!!!!

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!



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