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Monday, August 08, 2011

Dear Praying Friends

Thanks for praying for us this past week! The girls experienced a great camp week, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with WTC folks. Thanks!

Coming up…

Update info on GBC camp – Megan and Carly had a fabulous time at GBC’s Oasis (VBS day-camp). Can you see Megan hard at work in this photo? We are grateful for the opportunity our girls have to serve and learn through this venue. GBC serves a number of families that would otherwise not be able to provide their children with camp experience through camper sponsorships. Just loving Guelph one child at a time!

Mobilization/Recruitment Team work… we planned the work, now it’s time to work the plan! After a week of training and planning, we're eager to put it into practise! Check out World Team for opportunities to serve cross-culturally!

Jacob – visiting Mb… mostly will focus on connecting with family, but excited to be in Silberfeld CMC. This is my first time back in Manitoba since returning to Canada this year!

Carly @ Camp – This is Carly's 3rd summer at Mini-Yo-We... She's in the Enterprise program... washing dishes and training to be a canoe instructor. I'm so glad she's enjoying this!


Would you like to join me in 30 days of prayer regarding my new role with World Team? I will send you daily material - short, and to the point. Let me know, and I’ll include you in this team!

Thanks for praying! We look forward to sharing what roads God leads us onto as we move forward!



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