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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Executive Brief

The Ginters are wrapping up a month in Ontario
Road trip ahead
Pozuelo Small Group continues on!
Transitions, a way of life....

With school coming to a close and vacations around the corner, I know that many of you are gearing up for a super summer! We hope you especially enjoy the extra opportunities this affords to be with family and friends.

We have now been in Canada for 4 weeks. The time in Ontario has been productive and enjoyable. A number of churches opened their pulpits to allow us to share our experiences in Spain, and our prayer and financial support team continues to grow. This week wraps up our time in Ontario, and launches us into preparation for the trip to Manitoba. We have made some plans for our time in Manitoba, but still need to contact a number of people. We plan to visit as many as possible, or have people visit us at the Steinbach trailer park (near Clearspring Village) in July, or in early September.

Our time in Canada has allowed for some reflection on the ministry in Spain. People have provided tremendous feedback, and have challenged us in our ministry goals, personal schedules, and the seeking of God's direction. I have been amazed at the many ways God has confirmed things for us, and at the same time has challenged our presuppositions. In all this, I truly see Him working to "conform" us to His image!

During our time in Ontario, we have been able to interact significantly with the Canadian World Team office. Somehow, this time, we were deeply impressed with the commitment of the board and staff to see world missions flow out of Canada.

We've had some communication with our small group in Spain, and they continue to meet and enjoy God's word together. It's really something to experience this distance and recognize that our hearts are really finding a home in Spain. The tough part is that we are at a stage where we miss someone regardless of where we are! However, this is experienced in the context of the sure hope of spending eternity with Christ and ALL His church!!

Prayer items.

1. Journey's mercies as we travel from Toronto to Winnipeg. (June 28 to July 02)
2. Transition strength as we say goodbye to one set of grandparents and uncle, and embrace another set.
3. Joy for the small group continuing to meet in Pozuelo. Wisdom for Dani and Jessica as they guide the bible study discussions.
4. Energy to stay focused on the people we interact with. We are noticing a deep tiredness.
5. World Team Canada is really working to grow a strong vision in promoting missions. Please pray for wisdom, healthy contacts, and a sense of God's direction for our board and staff.

Thanks again so much for your prayers. God IS good. He IS worthy of all praise, honor, and glory. He WILL build His church.

Serving HIM for His glory and your joy...

Jacob and Karen Ginter
The Ginters in Spain

P.S. Phone in Manitoba will be 204-355-7378

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