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Friday, March 12, 2004

We appreciate your prayers. We know that our God and Father watches over us, and that His will IS being accomplished on planet earth. However, sometimes things happen that cause us to fear and wonder. It is often in these times that the "effective prayer of a righteous man" is used by God to encourage and motivate His church. At times we have had the privilege of offering those prayers. But many times, more often than not, it would seem, we are the beneficiaries of those prayers. Thanks for praying!

Executive Brief...
1. Train bombing in Madrid (our family is safe, but many are suffering)
2. Jacob to attend World Team conference
3. Recruitment video advances
4. Preparations for Trip to Canada beginning...

What's Been Happening...

1. Jacob's niece (Margaret Ginter) is spending the month of January with us...
Thanks for praying for this. The time with Margaret went by quickly! We miss her now! But it really was a good time of learning and growing for all of us. Margaret is currently checking out options for service in South and Central America.

2. A new bible study group has opened up recently...
Thanks for praying for this study. We are currently not meeting with this group, as the members are in the process of relocation. However, I really believe that Lita and María Rene have come to understand salvation by grace through faith, and have accepted Christ as their Saviour!

3. We are participating with other start up groups to coordinate large group "Celebration Services" in our area.
This continues to be a prayer item.

What's New...
1. Train bombing in Madrid
Around 11am this morning, a terrorist attack (The press now states this could have been caused by ETA or by El Qaeda) ended the lives of over 180 Madrid citizens. Over 1,000 people were injured. Although Spain is subject to frequent attacks, it is NOT usual to see such a high casualty rate. Our friends and neighbours are indignant and feel helpless about this situation. Please pray that we would be used here as God would have us used in light of this situation. Up to this point, we have not heard of anyone we know personally having been affected by the bombing. (I have included links below for more information)

2. World Team Conference in Budapest
This Saturday (March 13), I (Jacob) fly out to Budapest for an 11 day conference with some 150 World Team members. Leadership has proposed 4 key values to be discussed and molded for integration into everyday on-site application. These values are 1) The Gospel, 2) Interdependence, 3) Prayer and Worship, 4) Developing and Releasing Leaders. Also, there will be discussions on the long-term goals of World Team, along with an indepth study of Ephesians. I trust this will be a learning and growing time, as well as an opportunity to contemplate our future in line with World Team's directions.

Please also be in prayer for Karen and the girls (and other families in the same situation) as they stay home to "hold the fort."

3. Recruitment Video project
We are in need of more help! The tremendous need in Spain continues to require the work of expatriate missionaries. Our team is preparing a short video to better acquaint our constituencies with our team, our work, and the opportunities available to serve. This just MAY affect you! Interested? Please pray especially for Jessica and Daniel, our filming and editing crew. This last weekend they taped some 3 hours of video and took over 300 pictures, all for about a 6 minute segment of final video!

4. Preparations for Canada visit
Our family is planning to be in Canada for June, July, August, and most of September. We are beginning to organize our calendar for home visits, church presentations, and interaction in general. If you wish to participate in some way, this is a good time to let us know!!

Blessings and love
Jacob and Karen Ginter

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Information on the Train Bombing is available at... (English) (Spanish)

Information on Pozuelo is available at... (Spanish)

Jacob y Karen Ginter
C./ Tahona 5, 4B, 1ºA
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
(Madrid) Spain



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