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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greetings in the ever-gracious NAME above all names: Jesus Christ!

Our family is almost back in Guelph, ready to resume “normal” (is there still such a thing these days?) life. Although we’re about DONE with living out of suitcases and being cramped in our car, I have to say, God blesses in ways we could never have imagined! His goodness and faithfulness to us, His dearly loved children, is overwhelming at times. He is good, and His love endures forever!

Executive Brief
Trip Recap – Guelph to Vancouver Island and back (well, almost). Praise God for safety and for awesome interactions!
Hearty Support – The communication of our decision to remain in Canada for another year has been met with positive response – praise God for His continuing provision through His people!
Spain in the News – Spanair tragedy involved one Spanish pastor – please pray for all the victims and their families

Trip Recap
We’ve had a GREAT trip! Although each one of us has had moments of “When will this trip be done?” I’d have to say that the positives FAR outweigh the frustrations. We’ve been so encouraged to see God at work in different churches and individuals across Canada. I’ve had some super interactions with cousins I hadn’t seen for years! And we’ve enjoyed the natural beauty of Canada on numerous occasions in our travels. God IS good, and His gracious relations with us encourage, bless, and motivate!

Bear Story
One thing we've enjoyed a lot is seeing wild-life in its natural habitat. We've seen deer, bears, geese, loons, fish (I touched one while snorkeling near Kenora!) and we've also enjoyed wonderful night-sky views. Last Sunday, on our way back to the house from an early morning fishing trip (near Ignace, ON), our host suggested we stop at the garbage dump to watch some bears! Well, Carly didn't like the idea, as she said, she "didn't feel right about it." In an attempt to set aside her fears, out host said, "Well, those bears are more afraid of you than you are of them." Carly's response? "If that's the case, they must be REALLY SCARED!!!"

Hearty Support
All the supporters we’ve spoken to regarding our decision to remain in Canada for another year have expressed whole-hearted support. We really praise God for this. God has affirmed our decision over and again as we’ve interacted with our support constituency. Thank YOU to all our supporters for your vote of confidence as Karen and I embark on this year of development and ongoing ministry during our extended stay in Canada.

Spain in the News
You may have heard about the Spanair Accident that occurred about a week ago in Madrid. We’ve been out of email contact for sometime, and as a result, only realized this very recently. A quick email to our friends in Spain indicates that while we have no personal friends (or friends of personal friends) involved in the accident, one Spanish pastor was killed in this tragedy. Many people in Madrid take their vacations in either the first half or the second half of August. This occurrence will have affected a wide circle of people. Please pray for believers in Spain who may be near any of those involved directly or indirectly. There will be many questions of God’s goodness but also a possibility of openness to consolation and a touch from God. The Spanish are quick to respond to those suffering in these circumstances.

Thanks again for your ongoing prayers! Be encouraged as the summer draws to a close: God is good and His gracious love endures forever!



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