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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hi all!

Thanks for your prayers! God continues to work in and through us as we serve in Canada.

What happened?
Camp – Carly had a great 2 weeks at Mini-Yo-We camp. She came home with a thankful heart, grateful for her learning experience! I praise God for these opportunities! I've added a few photos for you to enjoy!

Manitoba Trip – I (Jacob) enjoyed connecting with family and supporters in August. What a joy to be with mom and dad! It may be that you didn’t get a visit or even a phone call! No worries, I plan to be in Manitoba again in October. As my role in mobilization develops, I hope to visit Manitoba on a regular basis.

What’s happening?
House setup continues - wow, that can take time! But it's good to get "settled" to an extent. Reshuffling all our "stuff" occupies a lot of Karen's time... that and helping the girls as they settle into school schedules.

Becoming oriented to the World Team Canada team - I'm glad to be working in a team context here. At first I wondered if I'd be "it" in World Team Canada mobilization, but I serve with others, so that is awesome!

Let me share a story on Joe’s work with migrant workers in Ajax, ON. It's exciting! Joe Nesci is an Italian barber who came to know Christ not that long ago. After realizing all he had in Christ, Joe thought the most logical thing to do would be to reach out into the Italian community in Toronto. After several attempts, he felt like he was getting nowhere. Then God brought to him, through his work as a barber, migrant workers! A number of Mexican workers come to Canada for the summer months (or on contracts as long as 2 years) to work in the agricultural industry - mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, etc. He found a much more open receptance as he shared his faith with these people. Over the past years, this ministry has developed, seeing Joe serve in a number of farms, giving bible studies, helping with practical things, and, almost every winter, traveling to Mexico to visit the families of thoes working in Canada! As a result, a small church is being formed in Mexico!

So, even in our native Canada, God is raising up men and women to work cross-culturally, bringing Christ's truth to those not yet reached with the Gospel!

Want to get involved? Check out opportunities on the different World Team Fields.

Health Issues... please be in prayer for Karen as she has not been feeling well at all lately, we are researching what could be the matter.

Please continue to pray for us as a family during this time of transition. Transition involves stress, and stress affects relationships. Pray especially for me (Jacob), that “grace” would saturate all that I say and do.



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