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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Dear Praying Friends

Greetings from Hot and Sweltering Ontario! Wow, this heat wave in September was unexpected! Yet I, for one, am glad for a little more warmth to remember during the chilly months ahead 

The summer has FLOWN by! Several trips to the USA and one to Manitoba cut my time in Ontario down considerably, and seemed to shorten the summer. So…

What Happened?
- R.A.C.E. – July – 2 Canadian Candidates were invited by World Team to join as cross-cultural workers. Please pray for Matthew and Anne-Marie as they consider next steps. I am in touch with them weekly at this point.
- Leadership Development – Intentional Disciple-Making – I participated in a 3 day D Min course at Nyack Seminary in early August. God ministered to my soul through the teaching of Edmund Chan. Please continue to pray for ongoing surrender in ALL areas of my life to Christ. That’s how transformation takes place!
- Visit to Manitoba – I spent 10 days in Manitoba in August, connecting with family and supporters. Thanks for the many that made connection possible.

What’s Happening?
- Finalizing WTC Mobilization Plans for 2015-2016 – while the “nuts and bolts” are in place, I am seeking wisdom as we fine-tune our mobilization activities for the coming ministry season. Funds are limited, personnel are limited, and the opportunities abound. Discernment to set priorities, then focus to put first things first is required.
- Megan and Carly both return to school this week. Carly begins 12+ today – taking extra courses in Music and Drama, along with some English. Megan enters U of Guelph for the fall semester on Thursday. Her transfer has gone well, it appears, but there is one outstanding admin item remaining.
- Preparation for the November Lima trip is underway. I had my first Trip Prep meeting with the team for Brampton Chinese Baptist Church (BCBC) this past Sunday. The team make-up is amazing... 2 couples, one speaks Cantonese, the other Cantonese & Mandarin, and the other team member is connected closely to the Richmond Hill church that went to Peru with me in May! The one couple is on the pastoral team at BCBC and the other couple has church planting experience! I'm so excited to see what can come of this trip! I am in Peru with this team November 16-24.

Thanks again for your prayers. I was reminded by Sean Cullen of Power 2 Change last week that effective mobilization is a result of much prayer. As we pray, “Lord of the Harvest, send forth laborers” we ourselves are challenged to be and do that which our Lord calls us to.



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