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Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Praying Friends

Is it just me, or is September going by like a whirlwind? Whew, hard to believe we’re at this stage of the month already!

I pray that God would continue to grant you strength in the “inner man” – that your life would reflect the glory of Jesus, and the joy of knowing Him to all you connect with!

Photos: from our vacation, Jacob's parents visit in August, and a few others you may enjoy!

What’s Been Happening?
- Megan is settled into her first apartment in Ottawa – and has begun her 2nd year of studies at U of Ottawa. She's sharing a 1 bedroom apartment with another girl she met last year at the Young Adults group in the Met church. Please continue to pray for Megan as she continues her studies.
- Carly started her Gr. 12 year at Guelph Collegiate. Carly's quite involved at school this year - Glee club, GSA club, and drama club. She also hopes to participate in the school's annual drama.
- Karen picked up a 2nd part-time job – lunch-room supervisor at John Galt public school (1 hr/day). Karen now works approximately 1/2 time.
- I’ve been catching up on correspondence with individuals that have expressed interest in World Team (Candidates), and others that are preparing to serve in a particular setting (Appointees). It's been exciting to see 4 ladies in Alberta work towards forming team (Albert and Janet Ehmann led a "TEAM" workshop with these women and the leadership couple from Cameroon earlier this month.)
- I’ve met several times with Chinese church leaders in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and that network is growing! Please continue to pray that as this network develops I would go at God's pace, in God's direction. I can get excited and "carried away" at times :).
- I was invited to participate in a Missions Emphasis Weekend at Bethany Community Church in St. Catherines – exciting! We are working with one couple from this church as they explore missions with World Team. The church already supports a World Team couple (USA) serving in Cambodia.

What’s Coming Up?
- Preparations are being made for a research and organizational trip to Lima, Peru – October 20-26! The prep for this trip includes connecting with potential partners, and organizing the logistics for a "Pastors Vision Trip" we hope to offer for Chinese pastors from the GTA in spring, 2015.
- I am preparing for several Sunday morning speaking engagements for October, and one for November
- As part of the “Fall Schedule” we are looking to launch a Young Adults study at our church next week!

So, there’s plenty going on! As always, my concern is not about having something to do – but rather about getting done what the Lord would have me do!


NOTE: World Team Mobilization Fund-Raising Banquet - November 08 in Guelph ON (for more info:


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