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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Praying friends

I thank God for you, and for your partnership in the Gospel! Is it not amazing that Jesus, suffering on the cross 2000 years ago foresaw the amazing advancement of His church? He HAS built His church, and continues to do so! Praise God!

You may have noticed that Iíve not sent out an update for some time. It seems that after our break in the first part of August, I simply have not gotten organized, or back into the routine of this! And then, September passed like a blur, with a number of people in and out of our place, and that routine just didnít get started! So, here we beginÖ hopefully back in the swing of things. As Iíve mentioned before Ė sometimes when I send out the least prayer email updates, we need prayer the most!!!

As usual, here are a few items to pray for. Iím including a few thanks items too. There really is SO much to be thankful for!

Thanks and Praise
1. Elena Gatti, a woman from Italy, spent a week with us with a view to seeking God's will. Elena, a believer of 3 or 4 years, has a vision to work amongst young women in Australia, with a focus on those with food disorders. We listened to her story, helped her clarify the vision she has (clarify in terms of being able to communicate the vision to others) and provided some resources that helped her know herself a little better. Please pray for Elena as she continues to seek Him. And Thank God for her desire to serve Him in this capacity! She is in the process of applying to serve with WT Australia in a short-term internship, to see if there's a fit.

2. Lamar Baker, a friend from Ontario, came to interact with us as we seek Godís will in our lives. I found it curious that just as we were helping someone, another person came to help us! The upshot of Lamar's time with us was a great challenge (especially for me, Jacob) to developing intimacy with our Father. We enjoyed good fellowship, laughter, and some heart level discussions.

1. Arielle Hardy, Karenís niece, is staying with us for 3 months. Arielle will be studying Spanish, and has already been a great help around the house! Her classes in El Escorial begin on Monday, although she's been receiving private instruction through a friend of Karen's already. Pray that her time in Spain would be valuable!

2. Kristin Bond, a new team-mate, joining us for 1 year, arrived September 22. Kristin joined us for this year, in hopes of determining whether or not long-term cross-cultural service is a good fit for her. She forms part of the CŠceres team, and is already studying Spanish. Please pray for Kristin as she, along with our team, discerns God's will.

3. Tamara Lizardo, our team-mate in Badajoz (SW Spain) covers the home front while her husband Paul is in Germany on mission related business. Paul and Tamara recently joined a mission in Germany (To All Nations). This provides them with a stronger support base for their ministry in Spain. However, Paul was required to spend over 2 months in Germany this summer in order to qualify as an individual "sent" by a German mission. These separations are never easy. Please pray for the Lizardos.

4. Natalie Carley, a woman with 12 years experience in Mexico, is visiting our field this week, with a view to join our field in the near future. Natalie has experience in teaching courses, both on-line and in a variety of class levels. Please pray for Natalie and our team as we seek God's will on this.

So, after a long silence, I've unloaded a lot on you! Thanks again, for your interest, and for your prayers!!



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