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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi all

Just wanted to drop a quick note, thanking you for your prayers, and asking you to pray for a few things.

We are getting set up here, it’s a comfortable place. Since we’re up from Madrid, we may have a cooler winter than we’ve experienced before in Spain, but not as cool as we’ve had the past 2 years, I’m sure!

Megan and Carly are getting into a rhythm with their classes. Megan has 13 different subjects and Carly has 8. Both still miss their school and friends from Canada. However, even though they’ve only been here a few weeks, Megan almost got voted in as the vice-rep for her class! The change is not easy, so I’d ask you to especially keep our girls in prayer.

Please pray for our new team-mates, Doug and Amy Nunziato. Amy is pregnant with their second child, Micah, and there are some serious complications. Here is part of the email they sent out recently...

We did receive preliminary results on Tuesday indicating that Micah does indeed have Trisomy 18. We will receive the full analysis next week, but it’s confirmed that this is what he has. (If you are interested in knowing more about Trisomy 18, you can visit the Trisomy 18 Foundation’s website at

We were expecting this diagnosis, but to hear it is another story. We are sad, but not without hope. We have a great peace in our hearts and minds knowing that even though he is formed so differently than others, Micah has still been formed by our Lord and the Lord has entrusted this sweet baby to us. We also find great comfort in knowing that Micah’s days have been ordained for him even before one of them has happened. We can honestly say, “Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well!” Psalm 139:14

Pray Requests:
1. Micah will continue to grow strong and that as he does, Doug (and Analise) will be able to feel his movements.
2. We will continue to hear his heartbeat at every doctor’s visit. (The “grandmas” will be at the next appointment to meet Micah – my mom and Doug’s mom)
3. The Lord will protect our marriage and our family during this time. That we would love one another and Analise well.
4. We would enjoy this pregnancy for each and every moment.
5. Lastly, that the Lord would give us wisdom as we make decisions about Micah’s birth and delivery and the care needed for him afterwards.

I know that this is a rather long list, but we also know that we are to entrust our cares and concerns to the one who cares for us. We thank you for your faithfulness to us and your willingness to walk with us on this ever adventurous journey.

With great love,
Doug, Amy, Analise and Micah

Thanks again for your partnership with us!
Jacob (for the family)


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