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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Friends

Thanks for praying for us during this past week. God is so good to us, and His goodness was evident in many ways over our team retreat weekend. We covered a number of topics, and I left the retreat with the sense that we´re more “on the same page” than we´ve ever experienced before.

Our retreat theme was “Connecting – one with another.” We surely connected at a heart level in many ways. As we took turns sharing about what God is doing in our lives, it became quickly apparent to me that God is working deeply in our midst. Just knowing this causes me to wonder what amazing things might be ahead! I have to say that I left the retreat greatly encouraged and filled with hope for our future.

This fall our Cáceres team is working with 2 new interns, Kami and Philipa. Both girls, along with Ruth Cook, served as our youth program coordinators on the retreat. Working together allowed them to cover off the youth needs, as well as participate in turn in our planning/work sessions. Megan and Carly both returned from the retreat excited and thankful to form part of the team. They had a great time.

I would ask that you pray for us as we put “legs” to the ideas discussed at the retreat. Many exciting things happening all at once can lead to much getting done, or can lead to much “doing” with little of significance getting done. Please pray for wisdom in setting priorities, continued encouragement to carry out the task of establishing reproducing communities of believers in Spain, and a growing sense of community within our team.

Thanks so much for your partnership with us!


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